How to select your next SEO Agency ?

5th November 2020
Posted in SEO

Your SEO firm has major consequences for your business. Here are the top 10 Quick-start guides for how to select your next SEO Agency? The difference between a boom in organic traffic and a decrease in Google rankings comes right down to choosing between an honest and bad SEO, or SEO specialist . But with the proper SEO partnership, businesses in any sector can increase sales and reduce their advertising budget with an improved user experience.

SEO is not magic it is a process – choose wisely

Good SEO requires a deep understanding of how search engines work, attention to detail, and knowledge of Google’s algorithms updates. Additionally, shortcuts like Black Hat SEO- paid links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engine bots to discover that you’re using these techniques, and demote your site and rankings, which will decrease organic traffic. Each experience SEO company has its own process for proven results.

What are the best SEO goals?

point to remember is that increasing traffic does not automatically translate to increased revenue. So be specific to your goals like boost product sales by ranking for certain keywords, or reducing your website’s bounce rate, or increase your conversion rate. No matter which SEO firm you choose, make sure you’re clear on the results you’re focusing on the services and desired outcomes.

Don’t just go for Google’s #1 for ‘best SEO’.

The best SEO peoples are optimizing their customer’s websites.

Companies that need new clients will bother to rank for their specific keywords, ask people in your circle whom they would recommend, or check Client Portfolio – shows you they’re experienced in the selected niche, or Testimonials – check the website for what their customers say about them.

What are the steps involved in selecting an SEO Agency?

Prepare a team

Before starting with an SEO agency, get a team that’ll work directly with the agency to drive the results. Thus helping the SEO agency in sync with your company goals, expectations, and timeline.

Discussion session

Take the time to share about your business as it concerns SEO with an agency you choose to work with. Doing this helps to develop custom strategies and plans unique to achieving your goals

Research and Recommendations

After you share your business situation, needs, and goals they should gain the right context about your business situation, target audience, business goals, and competition. They usually share some recommendations of what needs to be done to maximize the SEO efforts. If your SEO agency is not asking anything or telling you to do certain things, it’s a sign that they are suspicious – either that or doing nothing at all.

Examples that quality SEO agencies may recommend:

  • Start social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Integrate social media account with the website
  • Start a content marketing plan
  • Write blogs
  • Add content or blogs to your homepage
  • Internal link into existing contents
  • Optimize website
  • Add alt tags to images
  • Add/ Edit robots.txt to allow crawling on the site
  • Create a sitemap.xml
  • Improve site speed
  • Keep Google Webvitals at the recommended level
  • Perform a link profile audit
  • Optimize images

Contract & Deliverables

After the discovery call and follow-up conversations, expect to receive a contract with deliverables from the SEO agency, if working with you looks like a good fit. Also, discuss with your legal department or advocate to avoid signing an agreement that hurts your company in the future.

Onboarding, Project Scoping, and Management

To work with you, an SEO company would request access to some of the digital assets like

  • A list of target keywords
  • Access to your CMS
  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Access to Google Search Console
  • Any SEO tools, if any
  • Access to social accounts
  • Past audits or works,
  • Penalty details if any

If they don’t ask any of these, it could be that they’re merely adding links from their vast network of spammy sites. They don’t need access, and there’s a chance they are performing potentially harmful actions.

For example, An SEO agency might able to provide these in the first few weeks or first months of a contract:

    • Related sites that have backlinks to your site
    • An audit of your site or homepage or content, or link profile, that includes action points
    • New contents, or changes to existing contents
    • A weekly or monthly report, displaying what they’ve done and what’s achieved

In any case, we should make sure that they are doing something, and have proof of it.

If you’re found any of the below you should be — ask them and don’t recommend to choose them as an SEO Agency.

“So, what exactly you guys are doing?”

    • You get a manual penalty.
    • Your rankings drop.
    • Your traffic drops.
    • You start ranking for the wrong keywords.

if they are not able to explain you’ve invested in a scam. fire them they are with the black hat techniques,

What are the points to remember while choosing your SEO Agency?

Be patient

Have you been working with an agency, SEO takes time- three months or more

Learn & Research

Your SEO agency may not possesses all the knowledge. Sometimes, they’re just using outdated techniques, thinking it will get them to the top. It won’t.

Work with them

If you’ve asked them to do SEO work, They’re going to do some of it. You need to do your stuff, too.